Every day office workers encounter numerous problems. While they may not always speak up about these issues, the frustration and irritation they feel does not simply disappear. In an effort to support and empower these individuals, we share their stories and provide potential solutions to the challenges they face.

Modern office: what is it and who works there

Offices today are designed to be comfortable, efficient, and productive by incorporating the latest technology, design trends, and ergonomic principles. Modern offices may also prioritise sustainability, wellness and diversity, with features such as natural lighting, healthy food options and inclusive policies and practices.

If you google “Smart office” you will see beautiful pictures and trendy descriptions like “spacious spaces for creative energy”, “comfortable massage chairs”, “coconut matcha tea”, “relaxation zone” and other trendy ideas.

Modern office. Unsplash photo: Austin Distel Modern office

But as said above a modern office is not just a beautiful picture with a stylish interior. This is a multifunctional area where dozens or even hundreds of people work.

In order to motivate your employees and help them accomplish results, you should always take care of the environment in which they work and make sure they feel comfortable.

TagPoint team has been helping offices become comfortable and cosy for tenants, employees, and for visitors.

To show you what really goes on in offices, we have collected statistics on service requests submitted by users of our system. We believe those who care about workplace comforts, such as Facility Managers, HR Managers, and Office Managers, would find this useful.

It's important to understand what problems employees can be silent about, and how a simple app can help to prevent dissatisfaction at its earliest stage.

HR and Office Managers — what matters to them

On average a person spends 10 hours per day at work. The office manager's goal is to make employees feel comfortable throughout their workday.

What managers think about the needs of employees What managers think about the needs of employees

Comfort and productivity for employees are based on:

  • Delicious food
  • Clean working space
  • Workplace safety
  • Opportunities to relax in a calm environment

Actually, the list of needs is rather long, but these above are the primary considerations of office managers.

Spoiler: even if all the points are met, something can always go wrong.

What employees will never tell you, and why it is bad

The thoughts of office workers and their managers are often very different. While managers are sure that everything in the office is going well, office workers are silently angry and accumulate irritation and negativity. The results are always the same: anger and resentment don't go away and adversely affect the working atmosphere.

Miscommunication between managers and employees Miscommunication between managers and employees

Small everyday problems are not rare, and it is important to solve them in time because these challenges can be stressful and may lead to burnout if they are not properly managed.

This is where TagPoint can help by automating service requests.

What's really happening in an average office in a year

With an alternative and convenient communication channel, your company can quickly respond to problems and maintain office comfort.

We have conducted a detailed analysis of the problems that may occur in an office space of ​​5000 m2 (500 employees).

  • 30 times per year you receive requests with air-conditioning issues
  • 805 issues happen in kitchens
  • 12 times a coffee machine breaks down, 87 times a coffee cup spills, 243 times unscheduled cleaning is required
  • 91 times something is broken in offices and working areas. For example, 7 door handles are broken, and 30 pieces of furniture require necessary repairs
  • In WCs 52 times people don’t have enough supplies: toilet paper, soap or towels finish faster than estimated
  • And 11059 times business-centre entry permits will be requested
Here's the thing: without an automated request system, you wouldn't even be aware that these problems exist. And if you don’t know about the issues you can’t solve them.

With TagPoint you can see the full picture and observe everything that is happening.

We know that employees will appreciate a simple mobile app that listens carefully to their complaints — a pocket-sized assistant is always at their disposal. So it will help you keep employee loyalty at a high level.

By the way, we have compiled a detailed study on the everyday problems employees face the office.

And if you are interested to see how it could work in your office, please request a meeting or a demo.

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