In this article we will describe why we implemented suggested replies templates in TagPoint CMMS and how to use them.


A comfortable work environment is the goal of TagPoint. This is what we strive to achieve with the help of our clients and analytics collected by the system.

Statistics show that only 15% of facility maintenance service requests are completed with closing comments. Requesters are usually only notified of a change in status without any reply, or the response has a rude or dry tone.

Service requestResponse in a rude tone
Service request
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Service request
Response in a rude tone

Service request and response in a rude tone

Service requestResponse in a rude tone
Service request
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Service request
Response in a rude tone

One more rude reply to a service request

Managers may not be aware of such rude answers which negatively affect customer service.

Infographic.png How rude responses affect service quality


The TagPoint team decided to create quick responses that can be customised. With it you can reduce thinking and typing time, eliminate typos and grammar mistakes.

Known as "suggested replies" they are helpful when answering questions. You probably have already seen it in systems where user interaction is crucial.

General truth: you can make communication comfortable by responding quickly and politely. This will motivate users to contact you on an ongoing basis.

How it works

  1. The responsible person from a facility management team has completed the work on the application and is ready to close it.
  2. Then TagPoint suggests a reply. There are three options for response, which don't irritate but smoothly solicit feedback or simply convey a nice message.
  3. The responsible employee has a choice, he can either type a comment themselves, choose an option from the list or edit a ready-made hint.

If he changes his mind and click on a different phrase it will then replace all existing text — it helps to reduce typing time.


Suggested replies in TagPoint app

A suggested courteous reply is usually appreciated by requesters and saves the facility management employee time.

Templates with responses are configured individually for each type of request. Managers do not always know which response options will be the best so each response group contains standard responses like “Done” or “Completed”.

By implementing suggested replies, we aim to simplify the work of facility management employees and improve the quality of service.

Those of our clients who have been with us for some time may benefit from a set of logical and understandable templates. In order to create these templates we analyse existing responses.

If your team or customer would benefit from suggested replies please feel free to contact us. We will help you analyse and create suitable templates.